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Executive Search & Recruiting

Executive Search & Recruiting

Find the right talented individuals for your company.

Consulting with De Causmaecker & Associates will help you achieve a high return on investment when recruiting executives for your top positions. It is our firm belief that recruitment consulting is a distinct strategic corporate segment with a long horizon. Optimum exploitation and targeted development of the potential within your workforce will generate lasting competitive advantages for your company. Subtle aspects can make the difference. With this in mind, we offer a complete Executive Search and Recruiting service at the highest level. Our partners work with you to produce a profile of requirements, which covers all your needs and also establishes what the future is likely to bring. We search for the right candidates in both the national and international arena, and present them to you using an extremely efficient process, so that the decisions you make are both informed and secure.

De Causmaecker & Associates treats each assignment as a bespoke solution. In this way, all our services are uniquely tailored to the requirements of each individual client at a stroke. You benefit from the expertise of a suitable partner, who has acquired detailed knowledge of your industry over a lengthy period and is an experienced manager in their own right.

We have built up our global network of partners, experts and contacts over a period of 25 years, and are highly committed to its cultivation. We are therefore also in a position to efficiently and promptly identify and assess top executives who meet specific, detailed profiles of requirements, and to discreetly make contact with them.

A service based on efficient research and the VIACOPA® system

When it comes to the aspects such as the latest developments in top management, current industry trends and the future HR situation, the consultants at De Causmaecker & Associates have access to a research tool that is considered exemplary in the field of recruitment consulting. The VIACOPA® research tool has been developed exclusively by De Causmaecker & Associates. It guarantees the speedy, efficient and transparent execution of your projects.

Why choose De Causmaecker & Associates?

Bespoke corporate solutions

De Causmaecker & Associates treats every recruitment assignment as a one-off solution. When selecting candidates to present to you, we also rate compatibility with your corporate culture (Culture Fit®) when we examine your company's specific requirements and the professional and personal qualities of the potential candidates.

Management and industry experience

At De Causmaecker & Associates, assignments and candidates are managed by consultants who have management experience at a comparable level. As the firm is organised into a network of industry segments at international level, the consultants themselves are also industry experts.

Professional research

The research conducted by De Causmaecker & Associates, which covers industry trends in top management, experience gained from mergers and restructuring operations and also the latest management development methods, facilitates the communication of information to you and forms the basis for the provision of the highest level of sound advice to discerning clients and candidates.

The exclusive research tool VIACOPA®

All the De Causmaecker & Associates consultants have access to a research tool that has been developed on the basis of the firm's lengthy experience. VIACOPA® shortens the information pathways, arranges factual information and allows consultants to focus on their core competence: creative searching, along with professional and diagnostic skills, for which there is no substitute.

International contacts

Few firms have taken to heart the motto 'think globally, act locally' to the same degree as De Causmaecker & Associates. Each consultant has a thorough knowledge of their domestic market. For your cross-border assignments, you will have the international know-how and contacts of De Causmaecker & Associates network at your disposal.

Absolute discretion

Discretion and integrity are core corporate values of De Causmaecker & Associates. De Causmaecker & Associates is therefore the first port of call for both clients seeking top management staff and prospective candidates.



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