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Industries & Functions

Industries & Functions

Specialists for your success

De Causmaecker & Associates – House of Consultants is one of the few HR consulting firms in Germany whose partners are executive search professionals, and are themselves true professionals with managerial experience. The Partnership is a member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater BDU e.V, and we have been designing national and international recruitment solutions for our clients for over 20 years. Being experienced, innovative and creative we very much hope to convince you to join us as a loyal client in the near future!


  • Logistics, Transport, Rail, Traffic & Aviation

    Highest security and quality requirements, a huge potential for innovation, internationalization, rising cost pressure and rapidly changing consumer habits place the highest demands not only on this group of specialists and executives, but also on the special recruitment concepts for these sectors.
  • Business & Professional Services

    Business & Professional Services must employ excellent executives who possess a range of very specific characteristics and abilities. These are vital for the achievement of sustained success and to turn innovations into fundamental elements of their business and services.
  • Energy, Raw Materials & Utilities

    Nowadays, executives in the fields of Energy, Raw Materials & Utilities not only have to face tough competition, they are also challenged by the demands of politically motivated, far-reaching changes to the parameters within which they operate and by the need to react appropriately to changes in the competitive environment.
  • Banking, Insurance & Private Equity

    The trend towards digitisation and regulation are just two developments with which banks, insurance companies and private equity firms must come to terms. Executives frequently have to make the right decisions on highly competitive and volatile markets under extreme time pressure, and not infrequently, they must implement their decisions in the face of considerable opposition. They must therefore display foresight, perseverance and resolution.
  • Industrial & Manufacturing

    Pressure to innovate and the pursuit of optimum quality at competitive prices impose heavy demands on manufacturing industry. New opportunities need to be researched, risks need to be controlled, and the length of the product pipeline is becoming ever more critical. Executives must fulfil these requirements, and more than ever before, they must to combine the art of engineering with professional business management skills.
  • Information & Communication Technology

    In this sector, in which where there is high demand for executives, it is critically important to produce clear profiles of what is required in such executives and to conduct their selection in a sensitive and professional manner. Radical changes associated with the Internet and web-based technologies have introduced a need to fulfill further special criteria.
  • Real Estate, Construction & Architecture

    The renovation and modernisation of buildings, along with their construction and management, all demand a great deal of bespoke and highly skilled advice. Coupled with this, essential resources such as land, water and air are being exposed to increasing risk. Competent specialists in the fields of architecture and construction science ensure technically, economically and ecologically balanced solutions for the buildings of the future.
  • Life Sciences, Pharma & Medical Equipment

    In the developed industrial countries, and also in other heavily populated parts of the world, companies face major challenges in both the medical equipment and healthcare fields. There is a need for executives with quite specific skills, who will be capable of pinpointing opportunities and making the right decisions.
  • Chemistry & Biotechnology

    The opportunities and innovations in chemistry and biotechnology are characterized by outstanding perspectives and striking requirements. The biotechnology of today was in its infancy 10 years ago. The possibilities and challenges to make the difference here are characterized by high speed and intensive networking. The winners look forward to enormous prospects with responsibility.
  • Hospital, Clinic & Surgery

    In the industrialized countries, but also in other populous countries worldwide, societies face enormous challenges. From medicine, medical technology, medical care and hospital management to the entire healthcare sector, it is important to identify opportunities and make the right decisions. This requires managers with very special skills.
  • Agriculture, Animal Health & Nutrition

    The requirements and tasks for all participants in agriculture become more complex and dynamic. Nourishing people and animals requires increasing knowledge and responsibility from the decision makers in agriculture, animal health and specialty chemicals with increasing requirements.
  • Industrial & Fine Chemicals

    The innovations and regulations associated with Industrial and Fine Chemicals bring unprecedented opportunities and challenges. They require responsibly-minded and professionally competent executives who will really make a difference.
  • Education, Science & Government

    Nowadays, Education, Science & Government must be able and prepared to justify their actions in the public arena, and must remain transparent and open to scrutiny. As an absolute requirement, all executives in these fields must have good communication skills and personal integrity.
  • Publishing & Specialized Media

    Far-sighted executives with a feel for technological change and its effects are needed in the Publishing, Media and Entertainment industries. Experienced and highly competent digital natives will become part of the system, and will call for a new working environment.


  • Purchasing, Logistics & Transportation

    Leading companies have acknowledged the decisive role played by intelligent solutions in Purchasing, Logistics & Transportation in the management of customer / supplier relations. Progressive globalisation will reinforce this effect.
  • Finance & Accounting

    The impact of excellent performance by executives in these corporate functional areas is crucial impact to a company's success. Individuals with detailed knowledge and a good overview are sought.
  • Research & Development

    The breakneck speed of innovation in the technology sector and the associated almost limitless expansion of technological applications mean that executives must be extraordinarily decisive. In the field of development in particular, this translates into a willingness to identify promising opportunities, introduce technologies and become involved in cooperative ventures.
  • Executive Management & Board

    To get companies on track and keep them there in the long term, the senior management must make brave decisions, while avoiding serious mistakes. While this is true in relation to practical decisions, it applies all the more to the appointment of executives to the boards of management and control.
  • Human Resources

    In a world of increasing globalisation and cross-border cooperative ventures, HR policy matters, along with innovative HR plans and solutions, become even more important. Excellent specialists with entrepreneurial expertise and thorough knowledge of the business world are sought.
  • IT & Organisation

    Digitisation has a dramatic effect on corporate organisational and procedural structures alike. Only outstanding individuals are able to actively exploit innovative momentum to the benefit of the company.
  • Marketing & Sales

    Increasingly complex markets offering comparable goods and services represent a challenge to marketing and sales departments. Executives in both these functional areas within companies cooperate in the development of methods and tools that will increase sales revenues.
  • Manufacturing & Technology

    Thanks to innovations such as 'Industrie 4.0' or the Internet of Things (IoT), executives have access to the full range of potential managerial skills within manufacturing industry. Specialists with the managerial skills of generalists are needed. Digital tools facilitate teamwork and the successful planning of day-to-day production. The ability to react to market changes and to optimise production require ongoing learning, the identification of weaknesses within the factory and value-centred production planning.


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