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Reinhard Halbgewachs

Reinhard Halbgewachs



» The skills are often quite similar. Enthusiasm and character make the difference.

Over 20 years of experience in advising companies of different sizes. Of these more than 10 years as a consultant in strategy, controlling, finance, human resources and succession management. Profound intersectoral expertise due to a long-standing legal and tax consulting for companies.

Industries & Functions

Industrial & Manufacturing

Pressure to innovate and the pursuit of optimum quality at competitive prices impose heavy demands on manufacturing industry. New opportunities need to be researched, risks need to be controlled, and the length of the product pipeline is becoming ever more critical. Executives must fulfil these requirements, and more than ever before, they must to combine the art of engineering with professional business management skills.

Legal, Tax, Auditing, Finance

Legal, Tax, Auditing, Finance

Banking, Insurance & Private Equity

The trend towards digitisation and regulation are just two developments with which banks, insurance companies and private equity firms must come to terms. Executives frequently have to make the right decisions on highly competitive and volatile markets under extreme time pressure, and not infrequently, they must implement their decisions in the face of considerable opposition. They must therefore display foresight, perseverance and resolution.

Specialist fields

Family Business Advisory
Executive Search and Expert Selection
Interim Management Recruitment, particularly in the context of corporate crises and restructuring

On the road at trade fairs

Hypermotion, November 2017, Frankfurt am Main

Competence Centers

Leading associate at the following competence center:


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